Alfe Corona

Jr. Full Stack Web Developer | QA Analyst in Web Developent | Logistics Specialist Submarine

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I am not only a web developer who loves to code, but also a leader who can make decisions, train, mentor, supervise, manage, and lead a team. My goal is to make an impact in your organization. Which is why I completed a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and have US Navy Leadership experience. Plus, in a time when innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, it is important to care about humility, collaboration, adaptability loving to learn and re-learn.

I have learned to not take others for granted because quality people are few. To work with all types of diversity in highly stressful environment. And to stay motivated regardless of what we are facing.

Lastly, I enjoy working-out, exploring new places, photography, YouTube, self-help books, movies and music.

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