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About Alfe Corona

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* A+ Certification expected 4/2018.
* Network+ Certification exptected 7/2018.
*Google Cloud OnBoard Completion.
* CompTIA Security+ Cert Prep (SY0-401): The Basics.
* Insights from a Cybersecurity Professional.

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* M.S. in Cybersecurity Candidate at Fordham University expected 8/2018.
* M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College.
* B.S. in Business Management.
* A.A.S. in Business Administration & Accounting.

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Overall Skills:

* US Navy Submarine Veteran.
* Information Security.
* Web Development.
* Email Quality Assurance.
* Supply Management.
* Accounting.
* Photography.
* Video editing.

Navy Accomplishments

* Completed U.S. Navy Submarine Logistics Supply Management Inspection passing inventory validity and accuracy of 99%, leading to award of Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for leadership and professionalism.

* Provided leadership and trained 10 to 15 sailors on how to drive submarine USS Maine as helm and be the lookout for the safety of 150 sailors and ship when submerged or surfaced.

* Supervised, organized and established top-secret electronic, mechanic and nuclear parts valued at more than $500 million for U.S. Navy submarines.

* Assisted Navy Master Chief in carrying all duties assigned to Sailors. Commended and recognized by Navy Recruiting District New York's Command Master Chief and Navy Chief.

* Referred 500-plus potential candidates. Impacted more than 300 families with Navy experience in fleet and Navy Reserve.

* Kept Sailors motivated and enthusiastic to maintain positive, professional attitude in public amid Navy event cancellations because of high winds and severe rainstorms.

Information Security Analyst | Email Marketing Quality Assurance Engineer

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