Alfe believes in hard work Alfe believes in teamwork Alfe believes in strategy Alfe believes in vision Alfe believes in purpose

About Alfe Corona

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Alfe continuously learns new skills

He is a Masters in Cybersecurity Cadidate at
Fordham University.
Holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership.
He is an experienced Quality Assurance Analyst.
And is US Navy Submarine Veteran.

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Alfe works hard
and plays hard.

Artistic Photography is a way of appreciating his surroundings and staying present in the moment. And web Development is a form of turning ideas into reality. Making your organization's services and products available to others.

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Alfe is a leader,
not a follower.

He is multifaceted.
A student of life,
loves lifting and functional training. And to inspire others through motivational videos or requested advice.

Alfe is a multifaceted free agent with an extensive network of the finest talent, allowing us to build the perfect team to respond to your needs.

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