Alfe Corona

M.S. Cybersecurity Candidate at Fordham University | Web Developer | Quality Assurance Analyst

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Alfe Corona is a M.S. Cybersecurity Candidate at Fordham University. A Web Developer, and a Quality Assurance Analyst.
Recently, Corona refined his skills in Html, Css, Sass, JavaScript, Php, JQuery, Bootstrap, Git, GutHub, Command Line, Agile, and others for Front End Wed Development.
Corona performed and on many occasions led J.Crew’s QA Email testing team. Responsible for testing web content and marketing emails, training others, self develop skills in QA, JIRA, regression testing, Litmus test, and giving constant feedback to clients and teammates.
During Corona’s tenure, J.Crew improved its email strategies using new methods, and increased its online sales revenue. Making most of J.Crew’s revenue from online and email marketing. In 2016, he was promoted and he received consistent positive reviews from the CIO, VP, Director, Managers and teammates.
Corona has a high cognitive ability, is innately curious, willing to learn and has emergent leadership skills. He believes having a multifaceted professional experience opens the ability to come up with an answer or solution that is totally new. And there is a huge value to that. And in an age when innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, he cares about humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn.
Additionally, Corona’s earlier experience were in military roles as a Logistics Specialist Submarine with the U.S.Navy Nuclear Submarines in the Pacific Ocean. Which he received several Navy awards including the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Moreover, he worked as a Bookkeeper with BrickHouse Security and JVG Management LLC, as a Banker with Capital One Bank, Sales with TCI College and Payless ShoeSource. And as a Photographer and Manager at Felix Corona Photography, the business he made a brand new website for.

He learned to not take others for granted because quality people are few. To work with all types of diversity in highly stressful environment. And to stay motivated regardless of what we are facing.

Lastly, he enjoys working-out, exploring new places, photography, YouTube, self-help books, movies and music.

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